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To students who are struggling to pass exams

I’m glad if this article can be of any help to students who are struggling with exams🌸.

But let’s get some sleep! Health First! I now believe that this is the one thing that I must not miss.

The picture in the headline is me in college.

My hair was shaggy. My hair is shaggy and I’m wearing a special jersey (lol).

Title: Please be a high school student who can work hard not only in club activities but also in studies.

Tokyo Gakugei University, Faculty of Education, Class D, Health and Physical Education

Name Kenji Mazaki


Until the end of July of my junior year, my life was all about baseball. Until the end of July of my junior year, my life was all about baseball, and I was completely incapable of studying.


Before the end of the club activities, my grades were really bad, and when I think about it now, I feel horrible. I was always taking extra exams and supplementary exams, and I was either sleeping or talking most of the time in class. I was a dropout, just like in the picture.


Baseball was the only thing I could be proud of for having done my best. I think the reason why I was able to pass the entrance exam to university was because I had confidence that I had accomplished one thing. I think it’s safe to say that people who can work hard at one thing, whether it’s club activities or something else, will definitely be able to study as well.


However, when the last competition was over, I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep when I had to face my studies, which I hadn’t done much of until now. At that time, I think I was ranked third from the back in the actual test.


I felt like I was going to be crushed by the anxiety of not knowing what was going to happen to me, and I almost lost sight of myself because I felt like I couldn’t do club activities anymore. Since it was summer vacation, I continued to study for 15 hours a day.


During this period, there is a clear difference between those who play and those who study. Please put your heart and soul into it. When you feel anxious, you have no choice but to study until the anxiety disappears. Just keep at it. That’s all you can do. You can’t find your way if you keep running away. Please do your best.


Studying is something you do by yourself. Studying by others will not help you gain strength. It’s better to make a plan and work on it by yourself. You will definitely be more motivated if you decide for yourself. If you don’t, you won’t be able to continue studying for a long time, and you won’t know what to do when you have to tackle the second exam after the Center Test.


Personally, I was against cramming. It costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time to get there, and there is no guarantee that you will pass. There are many people around me who have gone to cram schools but failed their entrance exams. Since you are not a ronin, you have the opportunity to learn at school, so please make the most of it. If you don’t understand something by yourself, you should ask your friends or teachers. I often went to them for help with math, and they were really kind and helpful. I’m sure they will be able to help you.


What is your study plan?
Some people limit themselves to one or two subjects a day, but I think it’s better to do this because there are things like long sentences in English, terms to memorize in biology, mathematical intuition, etc. that you will fail quickly if you don’t do them every day.


Even on weekdays, I was able to study for 10-11 hours a day, excluding classes, so you can make as much time as you want. By the way, from September to mid-December, I slept only three hours a day. The human body does best when it sleeps in multiples of three, so I recommend it to everyone.


It’s all about long sentences. Do it every day. Read the sentences out loud while referring to the translation. Read until the translation flows in your head. This is actually a highly recommended way to learn English, because it will help you remember words, practice pronunciation, and most importantly, it will help you get a feel for English and practice speed reading. Please give it a try.


For grammar questions, I think it’s good to decide on one book and do it over and over again, or to collect and file grammar questions from mock exams and do them over and over again. It is best to review the questions from the mock exams over and over again, as there are many good questions that have been collected by professionals in the exam world and are important.


Japanese language
For Japanese sentences, I recommend “Deguchi Gendai Bun Nyumon no Jikkyukyuu”, which will help you get the hang of how to solve them. It is good to know the words, auxiliary verbs, and common sense of old Japanese sentences, as they are often enough to solve problems.


I’m not good at it, so I passed. However, don’t turn your back on it just because you are not good at it. You need to have the courage and patience not to run away. I hated it, but I did it every day. Please refer to other people’s work. I’m sorry.


I took the seminar used by 2nd and 3rd year students four times between the beginning of August and the end of September. It’s a subject that can grow very quickly once you get the basics down. I became quite good at it, but I got beaten up by the Center and was devastated. It’s a subject that you can easily see the results of your efforts.


If you don’t have social studies for the second exam and can use it for the Center, I recommend taking ethics. If you have one year, you will definitely be able to master it. I think it is less than a third of the amount of Japanese and world history you need to memorize. First of all, read the textbook many times, and summarize the contents of the textbook by September, if only roughly.


At that time, leave as much blank space as you can. This is the key. Add important new terms you learned in class, things you learned from reviewing for mock exams, and important words and phrases from the explanations, and make it your own best reference book. This is really highly recommended. (I think it’s better to focus on one subject, so that you can put more energy into it. By the way, I also tried my best with just ethics.)


Towards the second exam
After the center exam, no matter what your score is or what other people are doing, you should switch immediately. If you look around me, I think there are only a handful of people who immediately started working on it. On the flip side, this is your last chance to set yourself apart from others. You just have to have a little patience. Make sure you put in the last spurt and don’t let up until the end.


If you have failed in the Center, you should try to die. I think there is a good chance that you can turn things around. Be sure to take care of yourself.

If you eat something sweet 30 minutes before the exam starts, it will help you concentrate.


In this way, looking back again, I am amazed at how I was able to study so much. For those of you who are not doing well now, think about how interesting it would be to overtake those who are doing better than you. I’m sorry to say that it’s not for the top students, but it’s just too much. It is the privilege of those with lower grades to be able to experience this joy. Think of it as a win-win situation and do your best in the future.


Lastly, college is really fun. There are all kinds of people. No, seriously. You can really learn a lot. It’s fun! Let’s try to believe that we can enter such a fun university if we study a little harder. I wish you all the best of luck. I’m sorry for writing so much.


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